Palivor Farm serves extraordinary food products  produced by local producers using Palivor’s proprietary recipes.

Palivor Farm Café & Charcuteries offer fresh, tasty and natural products, and other delicacies made with these products to consumers seeking healthy and pleasant food experiences. We aim at expanding our reach in the domestic and international markets for discerning consumers with high expectations.

As a franchisor, Palivor Farm is very particular about the qualifications and purposes of potential owners/operators. Store location and financial resources required for investment are equally important. Once the specific criteria are met, the franchise agreement can be provided.

Owner/Operator: The qualifications that an Owner/Operator should possess include first and foremost a keen interest in food industry and a passion for serving flavorful and natural food in a pleasant setting. Our business can only be successful when we do it with joy, and our customers prefer us to enjoy good food in a comfortable environment. Therefore we make sure that Palivor Farm Café & Charcuteries also offer ideal conditions to socialize.

Owners/operators seeking to buy a Palivor Farm Café & Charcuterie franchise are expected to have an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to succeed, a successful track record and management experience, and the financial means needed for investment.

Site selection criteria:

  • 5-10 meters wide store façade
  • Stores are categorized as small (60 sqm), regular (100 sqm) and large (250 sqm).
  • Availability of open seating space (garden) and car parking are preferred.
  • High streets, shopping malls or luxury residential estates with high foot traffic
  • Easily accessible locations busy on work days and holidays, and popular for lunch and dinner.

Financial requirements:

  • Palivor Farm franchise fee: depends on location and size
  • Average Investment Amount:

USD 1,000  per square meter

  • Minimum initial stock: USD 25.000
  • Royalty fee: 2% monthly
  • Advertising (Marketing) contribution: 2% monthly

Palivor Farm has built its franchising system on three core values:

Concept: A “healthy and joyful life” is essential to our concept, which starts with food. The natural  products we produce and various other food products specially made by local producers using Palivor’s proprietary recipes are sold at Palivor Farm Café & Charcuteries.

Palivor  branded cold meats, dairy products, sauces, and so much more, are all carefully selected and prepared to bring only the very best to our customers.

All the snacks we serve, both hot and cold, are prepared with the best ingredients. “It’s what’s inside that counts”. So do we also have imported products? Yes, we do. And we call them, “Curated by Palivor”, which means that we apply our own taste and know-how to curating imported specialties such as French emmental, Swiss gruyere or Dutch gouda to ensure that our customers are always served the best. Although certain menu items may vary depending on local demand, the concept is primarily focused on offering our own branded and curatedproducts.

The next important feature of the concept after food products is the theme of Palivor Farm Café & Charcuteries, which may become social spaces after 8 pm, if desired. With nice music, fine wines of the Thrace region, liqueurs and signature cocktails, customers can continue to enjoy Palivor Farm Café & Charcuteries well into the night.

The theme also requires ambiance and a good, functional design, which we have defined through our own experiences. We already mentioned music, which is a must at Palivor. Perhaps with a DJ set but music is definitely required to create a “hip” atmosphere.

And finally another essential feature of our concept is the staff. Our employees are friendly and positive therefore we expect our franchisees to employ similar staff and definitely an Executive Chef, a cocktail master (mixologist ?) and expert charcuterie sales staff, preferably female. And we want to see a real chef leading the service.

Training: Selected candidates are required to attend the training program delivered by Palivor Farm. Upon successful completion, the Owner is granted a franchisee license, and then they may choose to operate the premises themselves or work with an Operator to run the business.

Support Services: Right from the very beginning, we at Palivor Farm provide support to Owners/Operators in various areas such as marketing, advertising, purchasing, logistics, training, human resources, operations, and quality control, starting with preparations to open the cafe & charcuterie all the way to successfully running the business.

For further information on Palivor Çiftliği franchising opportunities, please contact: Palivor Farm Sales and Rental office for further information:.