It is possible to own a farm house at Palivor Farm. The houses at Palivor Farm are comfortable and usually have all the equipment needed to keep the modern man away from the outside world.

When you own your own house at Palivor Farm you will learn the real meaning of the concept of ‘free time’: there is no stress of reaching a goal, no matter how aggressive and competitive. You can relax in a lawn or in the shade of a tree and read your book or you can sip your drink in peace. You can see what stalls are done in the farm, stalls in the field.

The story of Palivor Farm begins in Autumn, the yellowed leaves of oak trees return to the daughter, and the mushroom season, after the bacon in November, then the winter comes, watching the falling snow and enjoying the scenery. With spring, you wake up with the smell of thyme and the sounds of birds, the nature is covered with organic dust and smoke that comes from the wake of the moment. In summer, organic farming is being done in our farm. You can consume fresh fruits and vegetables all summer. Then again, again, by experiencing the seasons, you extend your life.