We offer a totally natural life for those who love and live in farm e houses in nature. When discovering the natural and unique nature of the surroundings and during your trips to Palivor Farm, you will enjoy the simple pleasures of life. At events on the Palivor patrols, you can take fresh air and , explore fascinating plants, and see areas of wilderness.

Move away from the routine of everyday life and leave yourself in the arms of lush nature. The smell of freshly cut grass, the touch of clear waters, the taste of a newly collected hand, the image of the green meadows that surround the hills around the velvet will move all your senses and help you adapt to the energies of nature. The time flows slowly in the countryside of the Palivor Farm.

Palivor Farm can be a starting point in the Demirköy region, you can go hiking, horseback riding, hiking, biking or walking around the forests of Istranca, which are all around us, in the untouched nature of Longoz Forests National Park. In Palivor, agricultural products are grown organically and consumed by the households. On the other hand, at the farm there is the Palivor Farm Store, which has delicious and gourmet products from the nature of Trakya. You can buy the products you want from this store, you can taste on the farm.

Our farm is only 11km from İğneada. İğneada, a hidden paradise, is one of the best places for nature sports. Many activities such as photography, birdwatching, nature walks, horse riding, off-road cycling, hunting, and camping can be carried out in the most ideal way.

Demirköy offers a unique gastronomic adventure. You can eat the best meat dishes in Demirköy, at Taşmekan, and Bahama, and trouts at Bonanza. Please visit www.demirköyüm.com to see all the possibilities offered by the villages in and around the town of Demirköy where Palivor Farm is located.