Palivor Farm No. 6—Cottage Rental

We offer a completely natural life for those who love and want to live a village life in the Palivor Cottage .

There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a mini lounge, kitchen, and outdoor terraces on the lower level of the cottage. On the top floor there is a master bedroom, kitchen, and lounge. All the necessary furniture is available for a relaxing time. You can have stay alone in your own home with nobody bothering you, or we can make a special program for you with our farm manager, taking advantage of the activities of Palivor Farm, Dupnisia Caves (45 mins distance), Rezve Stream Trip (20 mins distance), İğneada and Limanköy Excursion (25 mins distance), Longoz Forests and Mert Lake Excursion (30 mins distance), and Yeşilce and Karacadag border villages. In addition, our farm offers unique opportunities for an 11km walk, and the use of a running track and mountain bike.

For the length of your stay, Palivor Farm can offer you breakfast, lunch, or special BBQ options upon your request.

For  daily, weekly and monthly rental prices, Please contact Palivor Farm Sales and Rental office for further information: