10 Simple Tips to Create a Natural Way of Life

A natural way of life has many advantages—, better health, less stress … but how does a natural way of life begin? To take advantage of a natural way of life, do you have to stop washing your hair and start wearing sackcloth?

What is a natural way of life?

The definition is a bit different for everyone, but I think most people agree that a natural way of life focuses on reducing toxic loads, increasing production and consumption, and looking for conventional, natural alternatives.

A natural way of life can easily be complicated, but it should be kept as simple as possible. If you are new to nature or need more inspiration to advance your journey, take a look at some favorite tips to create a natural lifestyle in a simple way.

Toxic Load Reduction

Chemical substances are found everywhere. They are in homes, meals, and almost every purchase. Reducing toxic load is necessary for a natural lifestyle. How is this done?

1. Cook from scratch

Get all food items and a few simple recipes and cook. Pre-prepared food tends to be a festival of chemical catastrophe, even “natural” ones.

2. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used to clean your home, make meals tastier, and even improve your health. Choose essential oils that are 100% pure.

3. DIY (Do It Yourself)

Many products such as shampoo, soap, and cleaning agents are known to cause cancer. You can make these from natural products if you want to give safe products to your family.

4. Leave Single-use Goods

Leave single use items and replace them with reusable alternatives such as cloths, napkins, and even feminine care products.

5. Less Waste

Choose items that use the least packaging (items in savings stores are great for this), and use bags you can reuse while shopping.

6. Buy in Bulk

Purchase large quantities from the bulk depot or farmer’s market using a reusable bag/container.

7. Growing Food

Create a garden if you can. Even if your window has a few weeds, you will eat healthier, produce less waste, and take steps towards a more natural lifestyle.

8. Make Your Own Cleaning Materials

What you need is a few simple items to start with. If you need recipes, you can browse the internet or buy great books.

9. Personal Care

One of the best ways to avoid disease is to take good care of yourself. This means doing enough to fall asleep, and doing all you can to reduce stress in your life. Determine how self-care should be for you and take steps to make it happen.

10. Move Your Body

Three days a week, for just 30 minutes a day, move as much as possible. Park farther from the store. Take a step gauge and target 10,000 steps a day. Your body will thank you.