Moralizing Dinner by Palivor Farm to TOFAŞ Basketball Team

TOFAŞ, which will host Muratbey Uşak this week in the league, came together at the moral dinner given at Palivor Farm.

Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League 17th week of February 3, Saturday at 20:15 at 20:15 to host the Muratbey Uşak TOFAŞ Basketball Team was the guest of the Palivor Farm in Balat before today’s training. Burcu Çilingir While the food that was realized when the couple of Ürkmez and Gürcan Ürkmez hosted was a scene for fun moments, the Blue Green basketball players tasted delicious food in the organization which is a scene with colorful images.

Palivor Farm Bursa’s own Burcu Cilingir Ürkmez stated that they wanted to give a moral meal this season as it was last year, stating that “Our General Manager Tolga Öngören, Başantrenör Orhun Ene and TOFAŞ Basketball Team were our guests without breaking once again. I thank them very much. Coincidentally, we had been welcomed to our team before the Muratbey Usak match last year and we completed that match with a win. Now we will meet Usak again this weekend. We hope that our team will win the match and continue the struggle for the summit. We wish them success, “he said.

TOFAŞ basketball team players also conveyed thanks to Palivor Farm Bursa for delicious food and homestay. the twin daughters of the Ürkmez couple, Defne and Derin indicating that they followed all the games of TOFAŞ. They gave a surprise gift to the USA player Pierria Henry with the pleasure of meeting the player they admire.

The organization ended with a piece of cake made specifically for the team and a souvenir photo shoot.