The characteristic of Thracian Old Kaşar Cheese with Turkish Delight

The characteristic of Thracian Old Kaşar Cheese with Turkish Delight is, the dominant usage of cow milk in production, instead of goat and ship milk domination. This makes the taste of “Palivor farm Old Kaşar Cheese”  light.


Chopped Pink Tomato

Our Chopped Pink Tomatoes are made from tomatoes grown in the fields in the Istranca Forests of Palivor Farm.


Palivor Farm

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Palivor Farm Products

Celery Chips

Palivor Farm Celery Chips is a delicious and useful jeep produced entirely from handmade boutiques. Celery has many disease inhibitory properties.


Smoked Cotto

Palivor Farm Smoked Cotto ıs made from the largest, fat-free, and most valuable piece of beef.


Pasta with Vegetables

We have prepared a mixed package for those who would like to taste Palivor Farm’s vegetable delicacies in pasta.


Tulum Cheese

Palivor Farm Tulum Cheeseıs . a very sharp and salty cheese wrapped in goatskin and tendered in caves.



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